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Septic, Water & Sewer Emergencies

The truth is that even with regular and comprehensive septic maintenance, septic system emergencies can happen at any time.


Sometimes these emergencies are caused by things out of the property owners’ control such as a crushed sewer pipe, sewage pump failure, or a clogged line. Sometimes these emergencies come about because of high use, bacteria-killing chemicals in the tank, or simply old age of the system.


No matter why the emergency happens, it always requires immediate attention, and we are happy to help.

Emergency Services


Whether your front lawn is water-logged and flooding into your basement, or it's Fourth of July weekend and your septic system failed and is now backing up into your kitchen and bathrooms. 

We understand that emergency situations happen.


Luckily, our experienced crew excels under the pressure of a property emergency. Quick and calm thinking and access to the necessary equipment and tools allow us to tackle most, if not all, types of mishaps. 

Call us today and let us help you remedy a crappy situation. 

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